We will take as many photos as needed in order to photograph the home and allow you a choice of which images to use for your listing.  High Definition imagery retouched and resized for use in online formats. Will also provide print quality images in a separate folder.  Tripod-mounted and specialty photographed with a variety of wide-angle, zoom, and prime lenses in order to capture the best shot. 


Cinematic Home Video Tour & Still Photography

This is a 2-4 minute tour that will showcase the property. This is a more detailed and in depth tour presented with background music chosen based on atmosphere and mood of the home (this will be client approved). Tour will highlight features of the home such as kitchen, high end appliances, floors designs, artwork, porches and patios, etc. A branded and unbranded video will be created in order to suit the client’s needs. Aerial footage is included and is an excellent way to show off exteriors of the property. Certain conditions such as weather and location may affect the ability to fly a drone. Tours may include nearby landmarks or features at clients request. Each video is custom made for the home, no pre-made templates, for a professional look and feel.

All videos are compatible with mobile devices. Videos are uploaded to YouTube and optimized to give listings maximum exposure.